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Download Basebuilder (version 2.0.1 is the recommended version for use)
Try out the demo - username is "demo" and password is "demo"
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What is Basebuilder?
How can Basebuilder help me?
What are the built-in features?
How can I customize the layouts?
What other features are available?


July 11, 2007: Over a year's worth of bug fixes have been put together for the 2.0.1 release. Get it here!

May 22, 2006: After a year in production, we have finally released the official 2.0 file release. Get it here!

February 14, 2005: Basebuilder demo is available. The demo only has a regular user-level account available. The full admin features allow you to do too much damage to the database to make it worth providing that level of access on a demo server. You can access the demo here. To login, user: demo, pass: demo.

February 14, 2005: Basebuilder version 2.0 Beta release is now available!. Loads of bug fixes. Check out the Release Notes, Change Log, and To Do list for more information. Also, check out the Version 2 documentatione here.

January 26, 2005: Basebuilder version 2.0 Alpha release is now available!. Loads of new changes. Check out the Release Notes, Change Log, and To Do list for more information. In addition, a very rough draft of the Version 2 documentation is available here.

December 23, 2004: Basebuilder version 1.03 is now available! There are a number of bug fixes in addition to the introduction of two new events - after_insert and after_update. Check out the Change Log for more information.

What is Basebuilder?

Basebuilder is a database framework, like Microsoft Access or Filemaker, designed to help you build custom, web-based databases. It is not a database (although it comes with a sample database designed for organizers that is fully functional). It is written in the PHP programming language and is designed to use the MySQL database.

Basebuilder was initially created by May First Technology Collective as a way to build web-based open source databases as easily and quickly as we were able to build Microsoft Access databases for the social justice organizations that we work with. Basebuilder was initially written in the Fall of 2001. It was released on SourceForge in May 2004.

How Can Basebuilder help me?

Basebuilder will automatically create html-based layouts based on your existing database tables, providing you with an easy to use web-based interface to your database in minutes.

What are the built-in features?

How can I customize my layouts?

Each table has three layouts:
  1. list - The list layouts is used to display multiple records from the table at the same time
  2. detail - The detail layout displays one record in read-only mode
  3. form - The form layout displays one record in edit mode OR allows you to enter a new record OR allows you to search the database by entering search criteria
Each layout consists of two files:
  1. layout.ihtml - This file is a html template file (Basebuilder uses PHPLib's Template class). You can modify the html as much as you like. You can add dynamic content by inserting variables enclosed in curly braces. Any variable enclosed in curly braces that matches the name of a field in the table will be replaced with the value of that field.
  2. properties.xml - This is an xml file that controls what is displayed in the layout. It includes the SQL statement used to generate the content of the layout as well as other properties (see the manual for full details).

What other features are available?

With Basebuilder, you can: